Radio Journalism

“Citizen UK opposes Trump: To build bridges, not walls,” Gem O’Reilly Journalism

An organization takes a national stance and fights back to Donald Trump’s policies. “We build bridges, not walls” Reporting from Global’s Newsroom for Capital FM.


“Andy Burnham plans to tackle homelessness”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

In his manifesto, Burnham promises to abolish homelessness in Manchester by 2020. Reporting from Global’s newsroom, for Capital FM.

“The fear of the Gambia”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

“Thousands of tourists are rescued from Gambia and prevented from travelling to Gambia”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism, Reporting for Capital FM with Nicola Francis.

“The Biggest aircraft lands in Manchester: the A350″, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

“The biggest aircraft to land in Manchester, the A350: Manchester’s Gateway to the world” Gem O’Reilly Journalism. Reporting for Capital FM, Global Radio.

“Meatloaf Visits Manchester”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

In November, Gem reported for Global Radio. When asked to cover the Meatloaf musical, Gem wished to set up a second interview, in order to make the package more balanced in both perspective and opinion. The second interviewee was Andrew Polec, a Broadway actor who plays the lead role in Meatloaf and Jim Steinman’s musical, “Bat Out of Hell”

“Mark’s fight to save the heart”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

Gem’s next journalistic project involves a television documentary following Mark King’s fight through UK parliament to pass the law of mandatory defibrillators in all public buildings. The story follows Mr King after the tragic death of his son, Oliver King, who died from the same heart condition that Gem has. Gem plans to develop this journalism into an investigative and informative style, with a personal insight into the condition.

“Save stop smoking campaigns,” Gem O’Reilly Journalism

Gem was requested, by representative of Cancer Research UK, Jane Bullock to create a story to bring awareness to saving, Stop Smoking Campaigns. This story follows a lady in her fight to combat government cuts of Stop Smoking Campaigning. Interviewees include a case study and a doctor.

“Quays AM”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

As radio presenter.

“The people of Manchester write Andy Burnham’s manifesto”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

Reporting for Global Radio,covering Andy Burnham’s campaign launch. Gem wished to present this package in a non-bias, informative manner, ensuring that she addressed both the positive and negative attributes to Andy Burnham’s manifesto.

“Hope for Hassan”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

An individual project of Gem’s, following the story of an asylum seeker from Pakistan. The struggle of the Home Office, and even distribution of immigrants into the UK. Interviewees include a case study, a head councillor from Manchester Council for immigration, and the head of Manchester Refugee Support Centre.

“Make America great again”, Gem O’Reilly Journalism

An individual project, broadcasted on Capital FM and Heart FM, covering the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory in the US Election result. A balanced approach to the reaction, with both a democrat interviewee from North Carolina and a republican interviewee from Tennessee.