Gem O’Reilly Music

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“Sat and talked to a man today,

he told me to follow my dreams;

My Way.”

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(This Old Guitar, written by Gem O’Reilly)

Country-fied, acoustic pop songtress Gem O’Reilly has had a storming first two years in the music industry. With a top ten hit in the iTunes Country Charts, and national radio play. Gem performs around varied areas of the UK, for events, weddings, festivals and corporate performances.
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  • BBC Radio Live Night
    BBC Radio Live Night
  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
  • BBC Radio Manchester
    BBC Radio Manchester
  • Live on BBC with Mike Sweeney
    Live on BBC with Mike Sweeney
  • purchase Gem's second EP on iTunes
    purchase Gem’s second EP on iTunes
  • BBC Radio Manchester
    BBC Radio Manchester
  • Judd Lander of Lander PR (Gem's representation)
    Judd Lander of Lander PR (Gem’s representation)
  • search 'Gem O'Reilly' on iTunes
    search ‘Gem O’Reilly’ on iTunes
  • Gem's first EP "Teenager" on iTunes
    Gem’s first EP “Teenager” on iTunes
  • BBC Radio Manchester
    BBC Radio Manchester
  • BBC Radio Merseyside
    BBC Radio Merseyside

Gem O’Reilly Music

Credited for her early songwriting throughout “Live and Unsigned” at fifteen years old by Alex Baker from Kerrang, Gem O’Reilly has certainly set her sites on embracing the music industry. A singer who strongly believes in perseverance and dedication; Gem continues to perform around venues in the North West.

At seventeen years old Gem was signed to Irish label Walled City Records. 2013 saw the songstress hit number 7 in the iTunes country charts with her first EP “Teenager”. Manchester Evening News described the short album as “Country-fied, acoustic pop with candy-sweet vocals and perky teenage charm.” Having performed alongside famous faces such as comedian Jason Manford and Glee actor Damian McGinty; Gem’s local recognition has continued to rise with BBC Radio dubbing her as “The British Taylor Swift.”

Now acting as an independent artist, 2014 has seen Gem release her second EP “I Have Found Me” and her first music video. In June 2014, Gem’s second EP made it onto national BBC Radio throughout the UK. Her music video has been scheduled across American Airline and AirFrance throughout summer of 2014. Having hit over 20,000 views on YouTube with her first music video and having been played on both regional and national radio; Gem’s music continues to rise.

Lander PR in London, who now represent Gem have labelled her as their “Irish Country-Pop Princess”.

As of 2017 Gem has pursued to record her third EP. With the title track being, “Love Potion”, this EP will contain more originals than previous short albums of Gem’s and will proceed with a second Music Video.

Copyright Gem O’Reilly Music

Written & Performed by Gem O'Reilly2014

 “Don’t run, Don’t hide, the grass

is greener on the other side, just wait

today; it’s gonna be okay”.

(It’s Gonna Be Okay, written by Gem O’Reilly)



 Video Production: Video Ink

Music Production: Sugar House Studios

Costume: Pretty Disturbia


Rachel Kevern, Morgan Meechan, Lauren Pratt, Holly Littlefair, Alex Dobson, Katie Thompson, Ryan Thirsk, Eve McKechnie, Emily McGowan, Cheyenne Allen, Nisha Pandya, Ryan Murphy, Daniel Cox, Alexander Evans, Jake Land, Lou Miller, Liam Bell, Melissa Gurthie, Abbie McGrath, Nicola James, Clare Bale, Kate Poowaka, Kaila Hargreaves, Anna Blake, Emma Smith, Joanna Pierce Jones, Ella Davies, Emily Howarth, Elijah Belfield, Niamh Seddon, Jerrica Jones, Emily Wynne Jones, Emily Jones, Georgia Sass, Heidi Keffe, Rebecca Thomas, Kieran Davies, David Smith

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  • On the set of "I Have Found Me"
    On the set of “I Have Found Me”
  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
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  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
  • Gem O'Reilly Music Video
    Gem O’Reilly Music Video
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